Top Posts of 2012

There’s no better way to wrap up the last day of December than a Year in Review list. The best of the best all at once! Here are our Top 5 Posts on Orange Parents in 2012!

#1 Three Minutes by Reggie Joiner

I’m sure you have heard the news. There’s no reason to recap details or re-analyze the circumstances surrounding the events of last Friday. Over the next week, our country will be inundated with stories and images of the 20 children and 6 educators who were killed on December 14. It only took about three minutes to traumatize a community and shock a nation. But as the whole story of what happened in those three minutes has been revealed, it’s obvious that evil was not the only force at work. Read more. . .

#2 What Every Dad Should Know About His Daughter by Gina McClain

Several weeks ago I was dropping my daughter off for a birthday party. As I was leaving a man stopped me asking for directions. He was standing with one of my daughter’s school friends. Immediately recognizing her, I put my hand out and introduced myself explaining that our daughters sit together at lunch often. His reaction was sarcastic as he gave his daughter a side-ways glance. He made a negative comment regarding his daughter as he looked at her. Her response to him led me to believe those interactions are common. Read more. . .

#3 Five Ways to Fight Entitlement in Your Kids by Carey Nieuwhof

Like most parents, you feel this terrible tug.

On the one hand, you want to provide your child with every advantage. On the other hand, sometimes it feels like when you do that, you’re feeding an incredibly unhealthy characteristic in our culture.

For whatever reason, we’re living in the midst of an entitlement epidemic. Probably more than any other generation before us, our generation feels as though we have a right to things that used to be defined as wants, or even privileges. Read more. . .

#4 What Every Son Needs from His Dad by Carey Nieuwhof

I have sat down with a lot of guys in their thirties who are trying to piece together the story of their relationship with their dad.

Many of these guys are successful, but there’s something missing inside of them. I’ll never forget one guy I’ll call Josh, near the top of his game in the industry he was in, who said to me, “I just don’t understand why my dad left when I was three. What was wrong with me? I feel like I’ve spent my whole life trying to make up for something he never gave me. I just want to know my dad.” Read more. . .

#5 Your Mother Would be Ashamed If by Reggie Joiner

Your Mother Would be Ashamed If…she saw you treat another mother that way.

I have four children. They are all over twenty. So it’s easy to forget how complicated the infant years actually were.

I was on a plane a few months ago sitting directly in front of a mom with a newborn. (I bet you know where this story is going.) Actually, her baby was amazing. Not one whimper the entire two-hour flight. Read more. . .