Studio 252 Update – Obedience

Swimsuits are being traded for jeans with belts. Flip flops are replaced by tennis shoes. Pool bags are swapped for book bags. The lazy summer days are fading into the rigid schedule of the new school year.

While your child is used to answering only to the occasional call of nature during an epic video game marathon, he will now be forced to answer to teachers, coaches, lunchroom staff, substitutes, principals, etc. etc. So what better time than now to implement a little refresher on the topic of Obedience?

This month, at Studio 252, we are providing you, the parent, with all the resources you need to reinforce the all important life app of obedience. We start by defining it in a way all kids (from age 5 to 105) will understand:

Obedience is trusting those who lead you by doing what you’re asked to do.

Then, we provide you with countless discussion topics, activities and stories to help you emphasize this life app at home. Here are just a few activities to get you started:

  • Read the book, The Talking Eggs by Robert D. San Souci and discuss what the two sisters show us about the power of obedience.
  • Play a fun twist on the game, Simon Says by having Simon do something other than what he says. See if you can obey what you’ve been asked to do, no matter what you see!
  • Try following a recipe without knowing what the end product will be. Will it be a dessert? A pizza? A fruit salad? Have some fun following directions to find out!
  • Host a family game night and challenge each player to follow all the rules of the game—even when the rules cost you something.

Find all these activities and more on And check back with us regularly because all month long we will be updating you on the best ways to talk with your kids about obedience.