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By Gina McClain “Do you understand what you just read?” Over Christmas break I was enjoying my favorite past time. . .reading. At one point as I read, my daughter sat down next to me and was quickly engrossed in my book. We read the historical fiction in tandem, turning the pages only when the… [read more]


How Can A Kid See God?

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How do kids see God? Have you ever considered that you may be the best chance your son or daughter has to see God? I know it’s scary, but it’s true. Think about it. You can’t really see God, can you? Okay. Maybe you think you have. But I’m going to bet it wasn’t actually… [read more]


Unexpected Wounds

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“I sorry.” When those words are delivered by the high-pitched voice of a child, they melt you. Of course I’ll forgive you, you think. How could I not? Even if there is a huge mess behind her. Bookcases are knocked over. The dog is barking. The cat is perched on top of the chandelier. A… [read more]


6 Ways to Take Charge of Your Bad Day

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  I had a bad day recently. Chances are you have too. Mine blindsided me, and it threw me off so much I got almost nothing accomplished that I wanted to accomplish. I don’t like days like that. (Does anybody?) But they’re inevitable in life….and in parenting. One of your children spills orange juice spills on a… [read more]


Good Grief

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by Amy Fenton Lee Grief is a natural part of life. Yet, it’s one of the hardest subjects to address as a parent. We don’t want anxiety-ridden kids, so we avoid topics that spur fear.  And we do want joyful homes, so we redirect conversation when the dialogue goes dark. But grief is healing. Its… [read more]


Faith at Risk

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Most moms and dads are ready to fight the battle for their children’s safety and future as soon as they are born. Parents will buckle them into car seats that fit like plastic straitjackets, construct beds and play zones with prison bars, hook their arms to an expandable leash to walk through the mall, and install… [read more]


Stretching Faith

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By Gina McClain It was late Sunday evening in June. Driving down the highway, my husband started slowing down. “Why are you stopping?” I’m clearly annoyed.  It’s late and I’m ready to crash. In less than twelve hours I embark on a week long summer camp with a gaggle of kids. “It’s not me,” the… [read more]


Not My Valentine

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by Kristen Ivy “I can’t marry you mama, because you’re going to die.” This is the truth that my four-year-old son shared with me while I stood in the kitchen last night. True on two accounts. I will die some day. And he probably shouldn’t marry me. The statement was followed by a very deeply… [read more]


To Shine My Face

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By Sarah Anderson The other day I came across a chart highlighting the first five years of life, drawing distinctives for each stage. My youngest having recently turned one, I was drawn to his age noting the things unique and true to toddling toddlers. I couldn’t help but smile when reading the last thing, the… [read more]


Welcome to the Cave

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By Tim Walker My wife is incredibly social. She can talk to anyone, and anyone talks to her. She’s one of those people whom random strangers seek out to divulge all kinds of information. She can ride in an elevator with someone and know more about their lives than a close friend would know after… [read more]