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This month we are pioneering something new for elementary age kids called The Studio 252 website will synchronize with what kids learn on a weekly basis in a host of churches around the country, but it is also designed as a catalyst for individual families to learn about faith and character issues together. There are a number of free videos and podcasts that are available to enhance your family time.

One primary resource related to is called “Cue Box.” It is a resource you can buy for a minimal monthly subscription for your family. It is designed to cue elementary age kids to interact with you as parents at mealtime, bedtime, drive time, etc. A professional cast of writers, actors, and producers have created a host of tools and weekly videos to help families focus on a monthly virtue for their home.

There are two versions of the Cue Box.

One is actually a “physical” box, packed with a DVD, posters, collectible cards, mealtime activities, a mystery widget you can order for your home.

The other version is a downloadable version of the same components that you can download or view on your computer. We have created both versions to make it easy for you as a family to become intentional about learning together. Just remember if you do order the physical box you will automatically have access to the digital version as well.

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