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Missed the Latest Webcast? Watch it HERE!

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

If you missed the last webcast on how Stories Over Time matter, watch it  here!  Jared Herd just had a new baby! (Congratulations to the Herds!) So he will be hosting the next Webcast on Playing for Keeps sometime in December.  Don’t miss it the opportunity to  hear more what kids need need over time and to find out what’s buzzing as we wrap up tour.

Studio 252 Update : Responsibility

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

You have your job, finances, house chores, grocery shopping, laundry, pets, and kids. The number of things you are responsible for seems to make life race at a dizzying pace. So when can you find time to teach your kids all those important character-shaping lessons the books talk about? You know it’s your “responsibility”, but what isn’t these days?

Well, that’s exactly what we are here for at Studio252. We know your life leaves little room for brainstorming creative ways to talk with your children about much more than soccer schedules, homework, and dinner options. So, we have already come up with some fun, quick ways to connect with your child as a family this month and teach them about the character of God that they are called to emulate.

This month, we are focusing on a topic we know you can relate to—RESPONSIBILITY! For your kids, we have come up with an easy definition: Responsibility is showing you can be trusted with what’s expected of you.

So check out for some great family activities and ways to teach your child all about responsibility. And who knows?  You may find yourself juggling a few less chores by the end of the month! Here are just a few ideas to get you started in the meantime:

  • Watch this month’s CueBox episode as a family to see Jenny learn a valuable lesson in just what it means to show responsibility.
  • Let your kids be responsible for dinner one night by following Jon’s easy lasagna recipe
  • Spice up chore time by setting a timer and seeing who can complete the chore the fastest
  • Play a fun game of “Go Fish” with that pile of lost socks sitting in the laundry room

Studio 252 Update on Generosity

Monday, December 5th, 2011

We’re making our lists and checking them twice.

1. Decorate Christmas tree
2. Hang outside lights
3. Make fruitcake for Aunt Ninny’s potluck
4-10 Shop, shop, shop!

But in the midst of the holiday hustle, why don’t you let us help you find ways to really celebrate Christmas with your family? This month, at Studio252, we are talking about a virtue that will remind everyone in your family that this season really isn’t about making the perfect Christmas list, trying to make out shapes in stockings or shaking boxes under the tree. Instead, the Christmas season should be about the very opposite. It should be about making someone’s day by giving something away. It should be about showing others Generosity because of God’s ultimate act of generosity when He gave Jesus to the world.

Here are just a few ways to get your family talking about what generosity could look like in your home:

  • Watch as Studio252’s newest colleague plans the perfect Christmas party
  • Grab a box and fill it with perfectly good items to give away from your closet, attic, or pantry
  • As a family, make a list of all your favorite things, then slowly narrow the list down to see all the things you really could live without!
  • Be generous with your time by calling your grandparents, volunteering, doing someone else’s chores, etc.

And remember, generosity is habit-forming! So pick up a few good habits this holiday season by visiting us at and downloading this month’s CueBox.

What’s in a Cue Box?

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Anatomy of a Cue Box with Dan and Liam from Dan Scott on Vimeo.

Dan Scott is the Children’s Creative Director at Ada Bible Church. He came up with a unique way to introduce this resource to parents in his church. Check out his blog.